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Nataliya Tereshchenko

Psychotherapist / Psychoanalyst in A.u.S.

„I support you to find your right to yourself and to create life following your own wishes“

It is important for me to create a space with you where you can and may flourish. I will support you in this – share my experience and knowledge with you.

Nataliya Tereshchenko, Psychotherapie. Psychotherapeutin und Psychoanalytikerin in Wien und Online. Therapie auf Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch und Ukrainisch. Kontakt. Contact.

Professional experience

Psychotherapist / Psychoanalyst in private practice in Vienna und online

Co-Founder of Ukrainian Women’s Power Club

Vice-President of UKRAINE goes EUROPE

Member of 

– European Association for Psychotherapy

– Austrian Association of Psychotherapists VÖPP


Former Secretary of European Association for Psychotherapy (2016-2021)

Young European Ambassador by EU Neighbours EAST

Translator of 11 psychotherapeutic congresses and seminars, such as Congress “Suicide and Suicide Prevention” at SFU 2019, the series of psychoanalytic seminars by Karl Golling, etc.

Co-organizer of more than 20 conferences and meetings, such as EAP Board Meetings, Symposium “Ethics in Psychotherapy” by EAP 2018

Previous psychotherapeutic, clinical and psychosocial work:

  • Sigmund Freud University Outpatient Clinic, Vienna
  • Tokitus – Platform for professional therapy online
  • MA 40 Department for Social Welfare, Social and Public Health Law of City of Vienna, Diagnosestraße
  • Caritas, Zweite Gruft – Psychosocial counseling for the homeless, Vienna
  • Ute Bock-Projekt – Psychosocial counseling for the refugees, Vienna
  • Hospice care center and geriatrics department in Maimonides-Zentrum, Vienna
  • Messie-Project of Sigmund Freud University Outpatient Clinic, Vienna
  • Uzhhorod Central City Hospital

Speeches / Trainings

Speech “Exclusive about migration: how does our psyche reacts?” at Ukrainian Women’s Power Club, Austria, 2022

Speech about Ukraine at “EUrope of Generations YZ /EU Talks” at The House of the European Union, organized by European Parliament in Austria, 2022

Seminars “Lifeworlds of people of Ukraine – culture, history, psychology and communication” for volunteers in refugee aid and intergration work at Magistrat 17 for Integration and Diversity, Stadt Wien

Group Therapy and Speech “How did the history influence the identity of Ukrainian women” for NGO Domivka, Austria, 2022

Speech “Identity of Ukrainian Woman” and speech at Insta-Brunch about Self-Confidence and Mental Health at Ukrainian Women’s Power Club, Austria, 2022

Speech “New Reality. New ME” at Women’s Business Club “One in a Million” in Austria, Press in INSIDER.ua, LIKEin.UA, JetSetter.ua, 2022

YouTube-Interview “Strategies of psychological survival during the war” at You-Tube Chanel of Vitaliy Zhihay, 2022

TV talk “War in my motherland” for “Europa4me” at OKTO TV Chanel, Austria, 2022

Acticle “Therapist: Russian propaganda works”, Kronen Zeitung 12.05.2022, Austria

Article “Ukrainian YEAs: Demonstrations are way to speak for Ukraine” at EU Neighbours EAST, 2022

Speech at Europe Day 2022, organized by VIENNA goes EUROPE, European Parliament in Austria, Stadt Wien

Article “How is it to flee from a war?”, The GAP Magazin, Special Edition – 25th Anniversary, April 2022, Austria

Spotify Podcast “Special: War and Psyche with Nataliya Tereshchenko” for Austrian Association of Psychotherapists VÖPP, 2022

Interview for Ukrainian Channel about Covid-19, depression, vaccination and the life during the pandemic at Znaj24, 2021

Advanced training “Integration of pre- and perinatal experiences, birth processing and baby therapy”, Einführungskurs IPPE Vienna, 2021

Speech and organisation of the conference “NO to gender-based violence”, EU Neighbours EAST, 2021

Article “Gender-based violence against women: psychotherapeutic input on how to recognise violence and how to support women”, EU Neighbours EAST, 2021

Speech „How to deal with the restriction of women rights right now?“ during the week of Human Rights at EU Neighbours EAST, 2020

Speech „Psychotherapists in European Union – what do we face? how do we work?“ – an invitation to speak at the Conference „Psychotherapist: Personality or Function“ by National Association for Psychotherapy –  PPL Professional Psychotherapeutic League, 2020

Speech „EU’s Values: What does it mean to be a European citizen?”, EU Neighbours EAST, 2020

TV-Talk about Psychotherapy und Covid-19, Chanel: Suspilne Zakarpattya 2020

Advanced training “Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy” by Jill S. Scharff, M.D. and David Scharff M.D. from Georgetown University and International Psychotherapy Institute in Washington (USA), Medical University of Vienna, 2019

Lecture-Discussion „Motherhood vs. Self-Fulfilment“, Vienna, 2019

Speech „New media platform as a human side of EAP“, Board Meeting of European Association for Psychotherapy, 2019

Article in Ukrainian “Your health. Psychotherapy – what is it and for whom?“, Storinka.at

Speech „Why I don´t want to be psychotherapist“ – an invitation from World Council for Psychotherapy to speak at the II Congress on Mental Health „Meeting the need of 21st century“ 2018

Read more about actual speeches on my blog

Nataliya Tereshchenko, Psychotherapeutin und Psychoanalytikerin in Wien und Online. Therapie auf Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch und Ukrainisch.


Master of Psychotherapy Sciences (Mag.pth.) in psychotherapy science, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

Bachelor of Psychotherapy Science (BA.pth.), Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

Bachelor of Psychology (B.Sc.), specialization – clinical psychology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Psychotherapeutic Fachspezifikum (psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy), Psychoanalytic Seminar Innsbruck, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

Psychotherapeutic Propädeutikum, Sigmund Freud Private University

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